Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wedding Bells!

Since I was a little girl I've dreamed of my wedding. Since I started dating my now fiance I dreamed of it even more... And then when the ring came along, well - you can imagine.

Unfortunately, my feelings toward the wedding have been on a roller coaster since my engagement. Mostly due to one thing - money. My fiance and I are both young, with student loans, and not much in the way of "extra funds". My parents won't be helping, and his parents are helping, but they don't have much to spare either. I had so many beautiful plans for my wedding, but as I realized not all those dreams would be coming true, it really put a damper on my enthusiasm. It came to the point where I would hide the bridal magazine(s) that came in the mail for me every month because looking at them made me sad/mad.

Well - I've been engaged for more than a year and a half now, and I'm very tired of not being able to answer any detail questions when people ask. No date, no location, no dress, no nothing. My fiance and I would have been married months ago if it weren't for that one pesky thing - money.

So guess what? I decided I had had enough, gave up on my "dream wedding" and started looking around for other, more cost-effective options. And guess what? I started to get really excited. I've now set up a tour of a location; started researching some DIY projects (thank goodness I'm pretty crafty); and spent most of today on etsy looking at cake toppers, boutonnieres, and save-the-dates. I'm going wedding crazy!

Let me show you some of the stuff that's inspiring me right now:
"Mr." and "Mrs." signs, cute for both an engagement shoot and for the wedding!
From Perty.ful.tings on etsy.

Fabric flower with a love poem printed on it. Alternative to boutonniere?
From Quotes & Notes on etsy.

There are a few other things I'm excited about, but I couldn't find a picture of them to post it on here... sorry. But let me just say this: let the wedding planning begin!!