Friday, November 12, 2010

Hey It's Ok... 1

I subscribe to one of my favorite magazines, Glamour, and every month they have a one-page article titled "Hey, It's Ok!". Even though the article is only one page long and about five sentences, I look forward to reading it every month. So I thought I'd start making my own version and posting one here (most) Fridays.

Hey, It's Ok....
  • To buy the cute new boots you just found, even though you have three other pairs of boots in the same color at home.
  • To not want to go to that thing you go to every week without fail. (People do get "sick" every once in a while you know...)
  • To be too tired to cook yourself your own dinner, but still have enough energy to throw a batch of cookies in the oven (and maybe make a margarita or two).
  • To let the cute bag boy "help you out to the car with your groceries", even if you could totally handle it yourself.

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